About the AIT Center for Innovation Systems & Policy

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH with a staff of more than 1.200 is the largest applied research organisation in Austria. The research activities of its eight centers (Energy, Mobility Systems, Digital Safety & Security, Health & Bioresources, Low-Emission Transport, Vision, Automation & Control, Technology Experience and Innovation Systems & Policy) have a focus on innovative infrastructure systems. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) owns the majority of shares in AIT, complemented by a group of owners from Austrian Industry. The claim of the institute is „Tomorrow Today“, a reference to its goal to develop innovative solutions for pressing technical, environmental and societal problems in collaboration with public institutions, industry and academia.

The Center for Innovation Systems & Policy (CrISP), which organises the Eu-SPRI 2017 conference, has been working on matters of innovation research for more than thirty years. In recent years, emphasis has been put on the grand challenges of the future, such as resource scarcity, environmental degradation, ageing societies and globalisation. The center uses its scientific expertise to support research, technology and innovation policy and companies in the development of economically attractive, socially compatible and eco-sensitive technologies and infrastructures. CrISP addresses current and future challenges of research and innovation systems and deals with the requirements that arise from these challenges for Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) Policy. The research portfolio includes projects dealing with Foresight, Innovation Systems Modelling, Innovation Studies and Innovation Governance.