Call for Papers

The Future of STI – The Future of STI Policy: New practices and models of research and innovation as a challenge for STI policy

Eu-SPRI Annual Conference | Vienna 2017

We would like to invite you to submit paper proposals for the 2017 Annual Conference of the Eu-SPRI Forum: “The Future of STI – The Future of STI Policy”. The conference is organised by the Center for Innovation Systems & Policy of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and takes place on 7-9 June 2017, in Vienna, Austria.

In the 2017 conference we want to pay special attention to changing practices and patterns of science, technology development and innovation (STI). Not least because of the influence of ICT-enabled novel methods, new ways of doing research and innovation have been established over the past years, and will continue to do so in the next years. They will change the relationship between citizens and science, decision-makers and stakeholders and redraw the landscape of research and innovation actors. The value networks of existing industries will be transformed and the industrial landscape changed, with emerging economies expected to play a much more significant role than today. Furthermore, research will address questions of global significance, and multi-disciplinary communities are increasingly driven by the need to find solutions to such global issues and challenges.

For STI policy research, these upcoming changes will undoubtedly bring about new requirements and challenges. Therefore, the conference also aims to trigger a debate about the future of the discipline(s) of STI policy research.

Session Tracks

For the Call for Papers the LOC together with the Scientific Committee selected 12 Session Tracks from the vast amount of session proposals that was handed in.

Submission of paper proposals

We would like to invite you to submit paper proposals to one of the 11 Track themes or to the Open Track of the conference. Poster proposals may also be submitted as general submissions under the Open Track.

Submissions must be made online using the form at

Please note that if you have other roles in the EasyChair system (e.g. member of the scientific committee), you should first change your role to „author“ by clicking on the link on the first page after logging in to your EasyChair account (using the link above).

You will be asked to choose a track before submitting your paper proposal. If choosing the Open Track you will also be asked whether you want to submit a paper or a poster. Find out more about the 11 Tracks and the Open Track in the attached descriptions or on the conference website.

We ask you include the following information when uploading your paper proposal:
1. Title of the paper proposal
2. Author Information
– First author* and co-authors (add more if needed, *contact person)
– E-mail addresses of authors
– Organisation name, street address, postal code, city, country (of corresponding author)
3. Description
– The description should clarify the topic of the proposed paper, demonstrate its relevance for the conference and indicate into which session it might fit.
– The proposals will be evaluated on basis of the following criteria:
o The relevance of the proposal for the theme of the conference
o The innovativeness of the paper
o The explicitness of the research and/or policy aims and questions
o The outline of the theoretical frameworks, methodological approaches or policy issues to be addressed
o The description of the empirical materials to be used
o The expected outcomes (in scientific and policy terms) to be achieved
– The length of the paper proposal shall be 1000-1500 words (excluding personal information and references).
– Keywords (3 – 5)

Submission Deadline for paper proposals: 13 February 2017
Extended Deadline: 22 February 2017

Notification of acceptance will be made by 1 April 2017

If you are new to EasyChair, you are prompted to create an account. If you have credentials to EasyChair you can use them. The system will ask for the affiliations of the authors, keywords, indication if the submission is a general submission or a submission to one of the Track Themes, and that you should copy/paste the abstract into the slot provided.

For assistance with the submission system contact Katharina Sabetzer via email

The paper proposals will be reviewed by the track chairs as well as by members of the Scientific Committee. The evaluation process will be organized and overseen by the LOC.

Contact information

Further information and updates:

For technical questions regarding the upload of submissions contact Katharina Sabetzer via email

For all other questions contact Dana Wasserbacher & Florian Hainz via email



Call for Papers (PDF)

Call for Papers plus Track Themes (PDF)