Open Track: S&T Capabilities

Raffaele Spallone, Bianca Poti and Giovanni Cerulli. Internationalization of business R&D investments. A responsiveness score analysis.

Gaston Heimeriks, Floortje Alkemade, Antoine Schoen, Patricia Laurens and Lionel Villard. Evolving technological capabilities of firms; Complexity, divergence, and stagnation

Peter Persoon, Floortje Alkemade and Rudi Bekkers. The Science Base of Cleantech

Cristina Peñasco, Laura Cruz-Castro, Catalina Martínez and Luis Sanz-Menéndez. Characterising Heterogeneity in Public Research Organisations (PROs): A Taxonomical Approach

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Open Track
Track Chairs: Anna Wang, Michael Dinges