Session 1: Innovation Ecosystems – a Governance Challenge for Companies and Policy Makers

Luke Georghiou, Lisa Dale-Clough, Katrin Hahn, Kornelia Konrad, Stefan Kuhlmann, Einkoe Linshalm, Chiara Marzocchi and Wolfgang Polt.
Implications of an Innovation Ecosystems Framework for Innovation Policy Design and Mix

David Lazarevic and Paula Kivimaa.
Conceptualizing Ecosystem Emergence and Evolution: insights for innovation policy from innovation ecosystem and transition literatures

Totti Könnölä.
Transformative Governance

Marjolein Hoogstraaten, Wouter Boon and Koen Frenken.
The Interplay between Institutional Entrepreneurs and Regulations – implications for STI policy

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Track 10
Track Chairs: Kornelia Konrad, Kathrin Hahn, Lisa Dale-Clough, Chiara Marzocchi