Session 1: Nexus Governance: Rethinking the Governance of Large Technical Infrastructure

Sandro Kapeller and Peter Biegelbauer. Participation in Local Decision-Finding Processes on the Energy Transition

Chiara F. Fratini. Making integrative imaginaries across water, landuse and energy visible: advancing nexus governance theorizations for inclusive and desirable transformational policies and innovations

Mika Kari, Erika Holt, Johanna Kohl and Rafael Popper. Sustainable Nexus Governance (SNG): Rethinking the governance of siting a nuclear waste management facility

Chiara Carrozza, Emilia Primeri and Andrea Orazio Spinello. From ‘climate science’ to ‘climate research’: interdisciplinarity, taxonomies and ‘grand challenges’

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Track 9
Track Chairs: Marc Barbier, Jeremy Allouche