Session 1: R&D Networks and Geography: Novel Empirical and Analytical Approaches in a Policy Context

Douglas Robinson, Antoine Schoen, Patricia Laurens, Philippe Laredo and Pierre Colas. Profiling the territorial embedding of marine biotechnology research centres: developing global and local STI indicators

Laurens Patricia, Antoine Schoen, Yegros Alfredo and Laredo Philippe. Production of knowledge in European large firms in Chemicals and Pharma/biotech sectors : where is the knowledge produced

Lionel Villard, François Perruchas, Thomas Scherngell, Michael Barber and Philippe Larédo. The role of European Programmes in the European distribution of knowledge, the case of nanoscience and technology

Francisco Freitas and Chiara Carrozza. Tracing research and development impacts using geographic data and a FP7 dataset

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Track 6
Track Chairs: Thomas Scherngell, Martina Dünser