Session 2: Innovation Ecosystems – a Governance Challenge for Coompanies and Policy Makers

Klaasjan Visscher, Katrin Hahn, Kornelia Konrad, Angelika Sauer, Lisa Dale-Clough and Luke Georghiou.
Innovation Ecosystem Strategies of Industrial Firms

Kornelia Konrad, Katrin Hahn and Deborah Cox.
Anticipating in innovation ecosystems: from internal to collaborative forms of corporate foresight?

Fabian Schroth, Anna Sinell, Jakob Häußermann and Martina Schraudner.
Technology Leadership and Solution Provider: two innovation strategies in the German photonics and micro-electronics industry

Elina Griniece, Alasdair Reid and Lorena Rivera León.
Conceptualising open innovation systems: a framework for fostering global competitiveness of local industries

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Track 10
Track Chairs: Kornelia Konrad, Kathrin Hahn, Lisa Dale-Clough, Chiara Marzocchi