Session 2: Nexus Governance: Rethinking the Governance of Large Technical Infrastructure

Sarah Glück. Energy Transformations in the European Union: Energy Timescapes and Discursive Power in Governance Processes

Phil Johnstone, Paula Kivimaa, Chiara Fratini, Eeva Primmer and Karoline Rogge. Disruptive innovation and industrial policy from the perspective of sustainable energy transitions: illustrations from the energy trajectories of Denmark, Germany and the UK

Jorrit Gosens, Björn Sandén, Fredrik Hedenus and Jessica Jewell. How did they get there? Pathways and changing roles in a global innovation system for wind turbines

Edilaine Venancio Camillo and André Tosi Furtado. The policy mix for wind energy technology: a framework for pioneering and latecomer countries

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Track 9
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